Here's what others have said about Grant Collier's books:

Testimonials for Collier's Guide to Night Photography:

Matt Payne, photographer
"Going into reading Grant Collier's book, Collier's Guide to Night Photography in the Great Outdoors I did not think I was going to learn much, having practiced a great deal and read many, many guides and tutorials; however, I was pleasantly surprised by not only the depth of his materials but also the details he goes into to give you all of the tricks of the trade, in the field and for post-processing. Within the first pages I began learning new things I had not thought of before, and by the end of the book, I picked up several great ideas and post-processing concepts that had eluded me for the past few years. I found myself saying "I never would have thought to do that" a few times as I read! I feel like if Grant's book was around when I was getting started, it would have saved me many, many hours of research and trial and error. Through Grant's book you learn everything you need to get started, including some very advanced techniques."

Myer Bornstein, photographer
"I have read a good number of books on photography of the night sky and enjoy photographing the night sky. Grant Collier's book is extremely comprehensive going from reviewing equipment and supplies, discussing software programs, websites and mobile apps to help you in your pursuit of an excellent night sky image. He gives great tips and instruction on how to blend multiple exposures, create huge stitched images, and how to process your images to make them the best that they could be. I already have learned new ways of post processing that I am going to try out."

Rod Barbee, photographer
"I really like learning something new, and usually I don't learn all that much from books on photo techniques any more. But I learned quite a few new things from this book… If you weren't enthralled with night photography before, you will be after reading this book.&quo (See Full Review)

Rod Barbee, photographer
"Collier’s eBook is well written, well researched and well referenced. On top of all that the book is packed with stunning images to highlight different techniques and settings." - Tony Prower, photographer (See Full Review)

Rod Barbee, photographer
"It covers everything you need to get started, is quite detailed and thorough, features plenty of amazing example photos, and is very reasonably priced." - Marc Andre, photographer See Full Review

Bjorn Moerman, photographer
"I have several books on night photography and this one is clearly the best of them all."

QT Luong, photographer
"Collier’s Guide to Night Photography covers more topics and goes into more depth than other books on the same subjects...It is the night photography book from which I have learned the most."

Arthur Lund, photographer
"Grant has produced a giant addition to the accumulated knowledge of outdoor photographers."

Melih Cavli, photographer
"I have enjoyed your 'Night Photography' book more than I expected and I can easily say that it became my number one source as a night photo guide...What I like most about your book is, it is a guide for almost all situations we can encounter in the outdoors."

Midwest Book Review
"An extraordinary and highly 'user friendly' instruction manual, "Collier's Guide to Night Photography in the Great Outdoors" should be considered a 'must read' by anyone wanting to take photographs of night sky phenomena. "

"This book is a great read for anyone interested in night time outdoor photography... It's full of wonderful images of the sky at night in dramatic settings and should prove a useful guide to someone who already knows a bit about the craft of photography."

Richard Wong, photographer
"I was very impressed by the amount of detail that Collier covered in the book and the photos were top-notch. Just about everything you need to know about the genre is covered...I highly recommend this book!"

- Valerie Goettsch, Digital Photos 101
"This book is well written with an amazing amount of detail."

Testimonials for Dreaming of Colorado:

Children's Bookwatch
"Dreaming of Colorado: A Bedtime Story is an imagination-fueled tour of Colorado's incredible past. Young Cosmo the Cougar Cub doesn't want to go to sleep, until his mother reminds him that dreams can be fun, too. And what an exciting dream he has! His animal friends ride with him on a canoe that travels through time; he sees dinosaurs, volcanoes, Native Americans, and an intrepid prospector; each vision correlates to real events in Colorado's storied history. Brilliant color illustrations in a unique, eye-catching style, juxtaposed with beautiful photography, bring this engaging storybook to life. Dreaming of Colorado is a wonderful adventure ideal for sharing with little ones just before naptime."

Testimonials for Colorado's National Parks & Monuments:

Midwest Book Review
"Colorado's National Parks & Monuments is a lavishly beautiful coffee-table book showcasing spectacular, full-page color photography of Colorado's parks and distinctive monuments. A small amount of text enhances and elucidates the images, which offer a breathtaking visual tour. A vivid source of inspiration, Colorado's National Parks & Monuments is the next best thing to traveling to Colorado's vibrant public parks in person."

The Denver Post
"Photographer Grant Collier presents gorgeous images of familiar and unfamiliar scenes in his latest book. The text includes memorable tidbits. Did you know that industrialists once wanted to mine what's now Great Sand Dunes National Park for gold?"

Pikes Peak Courier View
"What Collier himself accomplished in this work is enough to make anyone who picks up the book to feel like they are dreaming. At 180 pages full of photos and a historical and educational essay on each park and monument, the book, at just $35 for a 13” by 10” hardcover, serves as the best tour guide any visitor to Colorado, or local, could bother to pick up off of any nearby coffee table."

Colorado Gambler Magazine
"Local photographer Grant Collier captures the diversity of our unique landscape in a stunning new book that explores Colorado’s landmark attractions."

Testimonials for Arches National Park by Day & Night:

Tom Till, world-renowned photographer
"Grant Collier has taken a great idea and made a stunning (and different) book of photographs of Arches National Park. Though the book shows us the best night photography ever done in the park, the day shots are also wonderful. It took at lot of luck, or time, to get the great photo of Balanced Rock reflected in a large pool. I've never seen the pool or another photograph of it. Be prepared to see the park through new eyes in this wonderful book."

The Denver Post
"The night photos and shots from more remote sections of the park are what make this collection in paperback really stand out."

Midwest Book Review
"Beauty is no stranger to the desert. Arches National Park is a collection of full color photographs of Arches National Park, looking at these occurrences in nature displayed in full color photographs, shown in relation to reflections, a night filled with a starry sky, and so much more, giving the eyes much to feast and enjoy. Arches National Park is a fine pick and a read that shouldn't be missed."

Testimonials for Colorado's San Juan Mountains:

Ed Quillen, Colorado Central Magazine
"As always, Collier has a good eye for detail, giving us intimate portraits of wildflowers and lily pads. He can also frame big scenes like Mount Sneffels soaring behind a hay field, and captures much in the middle, like slot-canyon waterfalls and alpine lakes. An additional delight of this collection is a section of San Juan photographs taken by Grant Collier's great-great-grandfather, Joseph Collier, who lugged heavy glass plates into the high country in the 1880s. All in all, this is a fine assortment of old and new that helps us see our mountains in different ways, large and small, old and new."

Denver Post
"Grant Collier's book of contemporary Colorado scenics accented by images taken in the 1880s by Joseph Collier is out just in time for your summer staycation."

Patricia Miller, Durango Herald
"Most of Collier's beautiful photographs are of the wilderness… The book would be an apt and easy-to-mail gift to send to people whom you want to tempt to visit."

Testimonials for Colorado Wild:

Mile High Newspapers
"The Colorado native and Lakewood resident, who has spent the past decade creating memorable scenes of the state, chose to nearly eliminate vast, sweeping scenes from his new book…Colorado Wild features larger-than-life depictions of delicate columbines, dew drops on leaves and swirling water."

Denver Post
"Colorado Wild tends to focus on the micro - swirling and patchy bark patterns in Rocky Mountain National Park, river rocks gleaming underwater in the Elk Mountains, contorted aspen on Owl Creek Pass. Collier includes a few panoramas, but he invites others to look down, as well as up and out to find beauty."

Colorado Expression Magazine
"Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to showcase Colorado in his books and calendars."

Ed Quillen - Colorado Central Magazine
"In general, 'intimate scenes' are what you find here...Some of these pictures, all reproduced on coated paper to National Geographic standards, look more like abstract art than scenes from nature...Now (because I enjoyed Collier's images of the smaller world, of leaves and flowers and ice and sand), I find myself looking around my feet and focusing on the beauty of the tiny little things I used to ignore."

Testimonials for Colorado's Hidden Wonders:

Rocky Mountain News
Colorado's Hidden Wonders was selected by the Rocky Mountain News as one of their "favorite books of 2006."

Ed Quillen - Colorado Central Magazine
"Collier gives us all the stuff we cherish about the backcountry of Colorado, exquisitely reproduced in such detail that you keep going back to the pictures, discovering more each time."

Colorado Getaways, CBS 4
"Colorado's Hidden Wonders from Grant Collier contains stunning photographs of lesser-known landscapes in this state that never runs out of landscapes."

Greg Glasgow, Boulder Daily Camera
"Among the treasures in Colorado's Hidden Wonders are images of sculpted rock formations carved out by a river near Aspen; a giant waterfall in the San Juan Mountains; Anasazi ruins in southwestern Colorado; and stalactites and stalagmites in Glenwood Caverns. A handful of images look like they could have been taken on another planet, including a shot of white, purple and yellow rocks in eastern Colorado and photos of eroded volcanic rock formations in Wheeler Geologic Area."

Testimonials for Colorado: Moments in Time:

Rocky Mountain News
Colorado: Moments in Time was featured in the Rocky Mountain News' 2004 Holiday Book Guide, which "sorted the forgettable from the standouts to offer you the best of the bunch."

Art Wolfe, world-renowned photographer
"An intimate look at this spectacular state and an inspiration to anyone wishing to explore Colorado."

Midwest Book Review (Reviewer's Choice)
"Colorado: Moments In Time superbly showcases the photography skills of Grant Collier in the form of more than 160 full-color images of Colorado's visually impressive wilderness areas. A small amount of descriptive text embellishes these captivating snapshots of the Colorado wilderness' unfettered splendor, from a close-up of the state flower in full blossom to the rugged falls along the Elk River. Colorado: Moments In Time is a treasure for anyone who appreciates and cherishes natural beauty, and highly recommended."

Book News, Inc.
"One hundred and sixty color photos of every part of the state -- presented full page in an oversize format (10.5x14") -- showcase the beauty of the landscape as well as the considerable talents of photographer Grant Collier. In a general introduction he describes some experiences in the field; he also provides a brief introduction to each geographical division. For the coffee tables of Colorado residents and those nostalgic for the state."

Joyce Deming, Golden Library
"Mention the name, John Fielder, and anyone who's spent more than a week in Colorado knows who you're talking about. There are some lesser-known names in the field, however, and Grant Collier certainly deserves more recognition. His book, "Colorado: Moments in Time," is a superb collection of photographs from around the state, accompanied by Collier's essays on the history of each of the regions pictured. It's a book to be savored."

Ed Quillen, Colorado Central Magazine
"Many may find it hard to believe, but Colorado has many fine landscape photographers who are not named John Fielder. They may lack his flair for self-promotion, but they can capture images at least as well, if not better. Among them is Grant Collier of Lakewood … Collier's got a good eye for framing a scene, the patience to wait for the right light, and the technical skill to capture it on film, even when it's something tricky like fog or a double rainbow.

Colorado: Moments in Time is a fine collection that might train our eyes to see things that were always there but had previously escaped our comprehension. After I've looked through most photo books for the first time, I don't pick them up again. With this one, I saw something new on every pass.

Clay Evans, books editor for the Boulder Daily Camera
"The closest thing to a human being - or even an animal - in Grant Collier's quietly majestic Colorado landscape photos is Anasazi ruins. Otherwise, Collier's Colorado is an empty, gorgeous place.

No wake from a boat ripples waters reflecting fiery sunset skies; no footprint disrupts the perfect whiteness of a snowfield; no contrail crisscrosses a sharp-blue December sky.

Ahhh.... I wish. It's hard to find the kind of absolute solitude Collier likes to portray, but his new book, 'Colorado: Moments in Time,' is a welcome fantasy of a gorgeous, undisturbed land…

CollierPublishing.com customer, David Thurston, Dallas, Texas
After purchasing a recent copy of Colorado, Moments in Time, I feel compelled to give credit where credit is surely due. I was taken back by photographer Grant Collier's 'eye'. Grant takes photographs like I wish I could. Every photo is exquisite in it's own way. I am not a writer, so I do not feel that I can do justice to Grant Collier's work in text. I will not compare this work to other famous Colorado photographers because it would not be fair to them. In my opinion, Grant Collier is simply the best. I have purchased other works of Grant Collier and am equally impressed with them. I strongly feel that Grant Collier is a name to watch as a rising star. Buy the books. Catch him while you can.

Testimonials for Colorado: Yesterday & Today:

Rocky Mountain News
One of "the best books of the year."

Pat Windolph, editor of The Mountain Mail
"Colorado: Yesterday & Today is a fascinating record of Colorado history . . . Grant Collier followed in his ancestor's footsteps, painstakingly photographing the same scenes as often as he possibly could. The results are captivating . . . Collier's book should be viewed as the labor of love it obviously is, in addition to being a true work of art."

Chris Bechard, photographer
"I have both your book and John Fielder's, and I know both his work and yours, and both your book and your compositions I enjoy more."

Steve Rawlings
"I have collected a number of books over the years addressing Colorado by David Muench and other gifted authors and photographers. I have found no book as impressive and as well crafted as yours."

Mike Daniels, reporter for the Mountain Connection newspaper
"Collier's book is considerably more interesting [than John Fielder's] as a result of the familial tie…Grant has expertly captured the precise perspective of his great-great-grandfather in each image and has done a masterful job conveying what it was like 'being there' then and now."

Thomas J. Noel, Colorado historian
"After opening a Central City studio in 1871, Joseph M. Collier emerged as one of Colorado's premier pioneer photographers. Traveling throughout Colorado with over 50 pounds of picture taking apparatus in a donkey cart, Collier photographed Native Americans, natural wonders, and many of the territory's baby towns. An unusually resourceful and inventive Scotsman, Collier pioneered a type of flash photography to record miners working underground. He also developed a popular Magic Lantern show, after making glass transparencies that are the forerunners of today's 35 mm slides. His popular magic lantern programs included one on 'Colorado the Switzerland of America,' making Collier one of the first to promote Colorado as an international tourist destination. Collier, who left priceless images of 19th century Colorado, is finally being recognized in this handsome book by his great-great-grandson.

Until now, no major study focused on the artist who provided many of the most popular images of 1800s Colorado. To this day, Collier's photos are often used without attribution. Here, his crisp shots, full of human and historical interest, are showcased, including one 1870s view of Denver with a little white dog posing in the middle of a sleepy looking Larimer Street. Joseph's son, Robert, became the secretary-treasurer of First Federal Savings Bank in 1887 and his grandson, Malcolm Sr., and great-grandson, Malcolm 'Bud' Collier Jr., made it one of Colorado's biggest, most popular and most civic-minded banks. Joseph's great-great-grandson, Grant Collier, has returned to the family roots. Grant, a professional photographer and writer, briefly tells the story of Collier's life, showcases some of his best work and provides his own modern-day reshoots. This book is a visual delight with terrific insight on Colorado today and during its puppy days."

Thomas Gougeon, Chairman of the Nature Conservancy of Colorado
"In tracing the photographic legacy of his great-great-grandfather, Grant Collier also provides a compelling glimpse of the process and patterns of human settlement in Colorado. Colorado: Yesterday & Today traces the evolution of early Colorado communities along the Front Range and in the early mining camps. This photographic history captures the evolution of the Colorado landscape and reminds us of the continuing challenges of respectful stewardship of this magnificent place."