Arches National Park by Day & Night

~ By Grant Collier ~
Arches National Park by Day & Night, nature photography book

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Book Length: 96 pages, paperback
Dimensions: 10" x 7.75"
ISBN: 9780976921882
Publication Date: February, 2010

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Arches National Park in eastern Utah is one of the most awe-inspiring places on the planet. It contains an immense array of sandstone sculptures, including fins, spires, pinnacles, balanced rocks, and natural arches. The arches range in size from small openings to enormous spans measuring nearly 300 feet across.

Renowned photographer Grant Collier has photographed the most popular rock formations in Arches National Park, along with many remote and little known natural wonders. He has captured the brilliant display of wildflowers in spring, the blazing color of cottonwoods in autumn, and the remarkable beauty of white snow against red rock in winter. Collier has also spent countless nights photographing the rock formations beneath a canopy of stars, planets, and meteors. These images, along with text explaining the geology, flora and fauna, and human history of Arches, provide a stunning new perspective on this extraordinary national park.


"Grant Collier has taken a great idea and made a stunning (and different) book of photographs of Arches National Park. Though the book shows us the best night photography ever done in the park, the day shots are also wonderful. It took at lot of luck, or time, to get the great photo of Balanced Rock reflected in a large pool. I've never seen the pool or another photograph of it. Be prepared to see the park through new eyes in this wonderful book." - Tom Till, world-renowned photographer

"Arches National Park by Day & Night ... gives the eyes much to feast and enjoy. It is a fine pick and a read that shouldn't be missed." - Midwest Book Review

"The night photos and shots from more remote sections of the park are what make this collection in paperback really stand out." - The Denver Post

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Sample pages from book:

p. 1

Turret Arch

p. 6-7

Arches National Park


Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch


The Great Wall and Lightning

p. 22-23

Tapestry Arch and Fiery Furnace

p. 24-25

The Tunnel and Serpentine Arch

p. 26-27

Eye of the Whale Arch

back cover

Milky Way Over Balanced Rock