Colorado's National Parks & Monuments

2nd Edition

~ By Grant Collier ~
Colorado's Natioinal Parks & Monuments, coffee table book

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Price: $37.50
Book Length: 192 pages, hardcover
Dimensions: 10" x 13"
ISBN: 9781935694519
Publication Date: March, 2021

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The national parks and monuments in Colorado harbor some of the most diverse and awe-inspiring scenery on the planet. They contain immense mountain peaks rising over 14,000 feet high, spectacular Anasazi ruins constructed 1,000 years ago, and deep canyons plunging 2,000 feet down to raging rivers. They also possess the tallest sand dunes in North America, immense sandstone rock formations rising over 500 feet high, and some of the largest petrified Sequoia trees in the world.

Renowned photographer Grant Collier has spent several years exploring and photographing Colorado’s national parks and monuments. He has hiked in predawn light across Rocky Mountain National Park, driven over remote jeep trails in Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, and rafted nearly every mile of river within Dinosaur National Monument. In the process, he has produced the first comprehensive portrait of Colorado’s current system of national parks and monuments.

This fully-updated 2nd edition includes Colorado's two newest national monuments - Chimney Rock and Browns Canyon. It also has new images from some of the national parks, including several night photos. This hardcover book measures 12.75" x 9.75" and includes a dust jacket.


"The book, at just $35 for a 13” by 10” hardcover, serves as the best tour guide any visitor to Colorado, or local, could bother to pick up off of any nearby coffee table." - Pikes Peak Courier View

"Colorado's National Parks & Monuments is a lavishly beautiful coffee-table book showcasing spectacular, full-page color photography of Colorado's parks and distinctive monumnets."  - Midwest Book Review

"Photographer Grant Collier, who grew up in Denver, presents gorgeous images of familiar and unfamiliar scenes in his latest book. The text includes memorable tidbits. Did you know that industrialists once wanted to mine what's now Great Sand Dunes National Park for gold?"  - The Denver Post

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