Colorado 2024 Scenic Wall Calendar

~ By Grant Collier ~
2024 Colorado Wall Calendar

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Price: $14.95
Dimensions: 12" x 12"
ISBN: 9781935694717
Publication Date: July, 2023

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Experience Colorado’s unparalleled beauty, as seen through the lens of renowned photographer Grant Collier. Grant has traveled across the state photographing towering mountain peaks, colorful rock formations, immense canyons, and ancient ruins. He has captured otherworldly images in the dark of night, and he has taken aerial photos that show the scenery from a captivating new perspective. The grids include holidays, moon phases, major meteor showers, eclipses, and 17 smaller bonus images.


"Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to showcase Colorado in his books and calendars." - Colorado Expression Magazine

"Beautiful and unusual photographs by Grant Collier, with smaller black and white photographs by his great-great grandfather... Chose this one after looking at all the other Colorado calendars." - Cris M.

"I love this! Especially the little inlay of old pictures in black and white of the same area. Really good quality paper." - Charly L.

Sample Pages from Calendar:

Mesa Lake, Grand Mesa     Dolores River, Colorado

Colorado Scenic Wall Calendar