Colorado 2022 Scenic Wall Calendar

~ By Grant Collier ~
2022 Colorado Wall Calendar

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Price: $13.95
Dimensions: 13.5" x 9.75"
ISBN: 9781935694533
Publication Date: July, 2021

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Experience Colorado's unparalleled beauty as seen through the lens of one of Colorado's pioneering families. Each month of this 12-month calendar features a large color photograph taken by Grant Collier, along with a smaller black & white image taken by Grant's great-great-grandfather, the pioneer photographer Joseph Collier. These images provide fascinating insight into the different perspectives of two photographers linked by family lineage but separated by a chasm of time.


"Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to showcase Colorado in his books and calendars." - Colorado Expression Magazine

"Beautiful and unusual photographs by Grant Collier, with smaller black and white photographs by his great-great grandfather... Chose this one after looking at all the other Colorado calendars." - Cris M.

"I love this! Especially the little inlay of old pictures in black and white of the same area. Really good quality paper." - Charly L.

Sample Pages from Calendar:

Milky Way over Crested Butte     Colorado Aerial Photography

Colorado Scenic Wall Calendar