Colorado Wild

An Intimate Portrait of the Centennial State

~ By Grant Collier ~
Colorado Wild, nature photography book, paperback

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Price: (Signed Copy!) $8.95
Book Length: 64 pages, paperback
Dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5"
ISBN: 9780976921844
Publication Date: June, 2007

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Colorado is a land of tall mountain peaks, immense canyons, and vast, rolling plains. Often lost in these enormous settings are the smaller details that make up the landscape. In Colorado Wild, renowned nature photographer Grant Collier shows that these intimate scenes are no less beautiful than the larger ones. He uncovers the amazing beauty that lies within such overlooked objects as dew drops on a leaf, bark on a tree, or thorns on a rosebush. In doing so, Collier transports you to an extraordinary and sometimes alien world of nature on a miniature scale.


"Collier invites others to look down, as well as up and out, to find beauty." - Denver Post.

The images are "all reproduced on coated paper to National Geographic standards" - Colorado Central Magazine

More testimonials can be found Here.

Sample photos from book:

Loveroot     Sunflowers     Aspen Trees     Columbine

Yucca Plant     Aspen Leaves     Great Sand Dunes     Red Cone

Dew Drops on Aspen Leaf     Lizard Lake     Garden of the Gods     Dandelion

Rose Thorns     Pawnee Buttes     Rocks Under Water     Natural Grass