Moab, Utah by Day & Night

~ By Grant Collier ~
Arches National Park by Day & Night, nature photography book

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Book Length: 120 pages, paperback
Dimensions: 11" x 8.5"
ISBN: 9781935694137
Publication Date: April, 2015

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The landscape around Moab, Utah is of indescribable beauty. It contains a labyrinth of canyons carved out by the Green and Colorado Rivers and their tributaries. Sheltered within these canyons, or sitting high above, are an immense array of arches, balanced rocks, spires, and fins that have been sculpted out of sandstone. To the east of Moab rise the La Sal Mountains, which provide a stunning backdrop to the canyon country.

Renowned photographer Grant Collier has captured images of the iconic spots around Moab, along with many remote and seldom-visited natural wonders. He has photographed the land through all of the changing seasons and has spent countless nights taking photographs beneath the moon, planets, and stars. He has also flown high above Moab to capture the scenery from a captivating new perspective. In the process, he has created a portrait of this amazing landscape unlike any that has been seen before.


"Grant's sublime images of the area's indescribable beauty include the canyons of the Green and Colorado Rivers and an array of arches, spires, balanced rocks and fins that time and water have sculpted from sandstone. Collier is also a master of night photography, capturing images of formations against the starry skies of this amazing area." - Canyonlands Natural History Association

"Moab, Utah By Day & Night is a compilation of impressively beautiful, flawlessly reproduced, full color, captioned images that are a delight and wonder to browse through. Grant Collier has a photographer's eye and uses his camera lens with all the skill and imagination an artist would with paint and canvas. - Midwest Book Review

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Sample pages from book:

p. 1

Castle Valley Moonbow


La Sal Mountains


Dead Horse Point

p. 18-19

Double Arch and Native American Ruins

p. 32-33

Balanced Rcok

p. 50-51

Utah Wildflowers

p. 58-59

Faux Falls

p. 74-75

Moab, Utah

p. 90-91

Colorado River Gooseneck

p. 96-97

Fisher Towers and Uranium Arch

p. 100-101

Skyline Arch

p. 118-119

Wilson Arch

back cover

Determination Towers