Northern Lights 2022 Wall Calendar

~ By Grant Collier ~
2022 Northern Lights Astronomy Wall Calendar

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Dimensions: 13.5" x 9.75"
ISBN: 9781935694557
Publication Date: July, 2021

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Ancient cultures believed that the northern lights were created by the souls of the departed in the heavens. When one witnesses the aurora borealis in person, it is easy to see why. The ethereal lights dance across the night sky with such a hypnotic rhythm that they seem to be alive. Science has since taught us that the northern lights are created by charged particles from the sun colliding with molecules in our atmosphere. However, this in no way lessens the feeling of awe and reverence that they inspire in people the world over. One sight of the northern lights can reawaken our youthful sense of wonder and renew our appreciation for this small planet that we call home.

This calendar includes 25 of the best images Grant Collier captured while traveling across the frigid landscapes of Alaska, Canada, and Iceland. It includes info on how to see and photograph the northern lights and provides the dates of moon phases, solar and lunar eclipses, meteor showers, and moon-planet conjunctions.

Sample Pages from Calendar:

Aurora Borealis over Brooks Range, Alaska     Northern lights over Yellowknife, Canada

Aurora Borealis Wall Calendar